Brownie Sundae Candle
Brownie Sundae Candle
Brownie Sundae Candle
Brownie Sundae Candle
Brownie Sundae Candle

Brownie Sundae Candle

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This candle makes you want to run to your nearest ice cream shop! The smell of warm brownies with vanilla ice cream melting right on top will make you drool! This candle will make everyone who walks into your home think your baking some delicious treats!

These candles do feature a whipped wax topping down the center! This is NOT edible. 

This candle has two crackling wooden wicks! This provides a relaxing sound and ambiance for your home!

This candle has a burn time of 50-55+ hours using the instructions on the candle care cards provided! 

Each Candle is 14.5 Ounces. Our candles are a ParaSoy Blend!

*Each candle is handmade by me in Buckeye, Arizona! Because of the handmade nature of these candles they will all be unique and have very minor differences from the one pictured above! This will not impact the quality of the candle at all!

Product Questions

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of these products, but please feel free to contact me if you are unhappy with your purchase!

Only burn for 4 hours at a time, this allows the candle to last longer and burn properly!

Never pick up/ move a lit candle as the outer glass may be hot.

Trim your wicks! This also promotes a longer candle burn.

Never leave your candle unattended.

Please keep pets and small children away from candles.

Shipping Questions

We ship out our items Monday- Wednesday. This just ensures that items are not sitting at the post office or in the back of hot trucks over the weekend!

We ship with USPS & UPS!


Yes! We do have wholesale options for businesses who would like to buy in bulk. Please fill out the contact form for us to get some more information!